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Each year I attend specific workshops to extend my knowledge - but gradually I have focused on Maternity and Sub-Fertility techniques. along with digestive disorders.

Perhaps because of my podiatric (and therefore biomechanical) knowledge, I also seem to attract a lot of clients with skeletal alignment issues and am pleased to utilise specific techniques that have been described as 'orthopaedic' reflexology.

Over the years I have attended numerous workshops and training sessions in a wide range of additional techniques and practices. I find working with Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) particularly effective; this involves working on the feet while the client is weight bearing/standing for deepest effects on relevant reflex points. I have knowledge of acupressure points of the feet and these too are used within the treatment when appropriate. I value the Ayurvedic system of healing and this too is incorporated in a session.

All reflexologists work in their own way, as they gain experience and attend workshops and lectures that reflect their personal interests. Over the years they develop their favourite methods and techniques. Some will use intense pressure, some a light and delicate touch. We are all different and trust you will find the right one for you.

Hypnotherapy: Fully qualified and registered with the GNHC. I undertook this training to offer additional benefit for my reflexology clients, particularly for sub-fertility issues and 'hypno-birthing'.... but have gained success in a wide range of problems such as fears and phobias, exam nerves and even verrucas!


I have many clients who combine the regular removal of corns and callous which require professional attention with the benefits of a reflexology session... and I specialise in cosmetic nail reconstruction for those with damaged or fungal nails.

I am a member of the British Chiropody Association and the Health Care Professions Council and work within their strict guidelines, while maintaining a holistic approach wherever possible. Although I am a fully qualified HCPC registered Chiropodist, I work within the limits of my small clinic (using single use sterile instruments) and am unable to assist with thickened fungal nails, ingrown nails, or infections.


I am a Reiki Practitioner, trained in honouring the Usui method. I qualified with my Masters Degree (Teacher of Masters) at Stonehenge in 2005. However, these days I rarely give a name to my work - although 'healing' remains.

The Metamorphic Technique - Transformation at your feet

I was a registered Practitioner of this tool for personal transformation for over 20 years. Since the demise of the founder, Gaston St Pierre, I have left the organisation but continue with the Technique as taught by him. I maintain the connection on this website for individuals who feel they may gain benefit from this simple non-invasive approach to transformation and change. Please note there are 'pro bono sessions' available for Autistic spectrum disorders.

The Metamorphic Technique is a simple tool that enables us to access more of our potential, it helps us to help ourselves. The Metamorphic Association have an informative website : which gives more details of this technique (not therapy)

"which has slowly and quietly gained respect from not only those whose lives have been transformed by it, but from doctors and specialists impressed with the results for conditions ranging from dyslexia to eating disorders."

Lorna V quoted from the Sunday Times

In the practice of the Metamorphic Technique the practitioner uses a light touch on the feet, hands and head. Metamorphic Technique practitioners do not impose their will or seek to direct the recipient’s life in any way. An environment can then emerge in which it is acknowledged that the power and intelligence, already inherent in the life of the person, is the best guiding factor for the unique life that the person already is. In that sense the simple practice can be understood as a ritual that is open to everyone, independent of their cultural or religious background.

Thermo-Auricular Therapy

I am also a qualified Thermo-Auricular Therapist (ThAT) and can give hopi ear candle treatments for a wide range of ENT conditions, including Tinnitus, blocked sinuses, glue ear. The treatment can be combined with reflexology for complete relaxation and working of the relevant reflex points. I will check the eardrum with an otoscope before treatment.

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