Reflexology in Bromley

How often is recommended for Reflexology Treatment Sessions?

Everyone is different and I never anticipate or recommend more than an initial first visit.

I have some clients who return on a monthly basis for general wellbeing, maintaining their immune systems, destressing, etc. Others ring when they feel aches and pains return (for instance after a long car drive triggering back problems).

It is often recommended that a series of six sessions, with no more than a week between each treatment, is the most effective course of action for improvement and to gain the full benefits of reflexology. It is said that if, after the first three sessions, there is no improvement at all - then reflexology is not the therapy that is best for you.

The 'six sessions' approach is best for chronic medical conditions, endocrine (hormone) imbalances,and all cases when complete embracing of reflexology benefits are sought. However, life (time and money) considerations play an important role - and just one session can, in my opinion, bring tremendous benefits.... and is often all that is needed.

Will you be able to diagnose my problems?

Although not a magic cure all, most people who try reflexology treatment do find that they benefit to some degree.

Reflexologists cannot claim to diagnose or cure, but can perhaps detect which parts of the body are working well and which are not. Sometimes it highlights an area of your body which is struggling, or working hard to maintain your wellbeing.

If a reflex point shows a reaction this is discussed with you in depth at the end of the session.

Remember the body is a self-healing mechanism. Reflexology is believed by many to initiate a self-healing response, but this cannot be guaranteed and sometimes is not physically possible. However reflexology works... it is not a miracle or magical cure-all and some conditions are impossible to alter, particularly where bodily physical damage has already occurred.

A professional practitioner will understand the correct approach to treatment and will work with orthodox doctors, where necessary, and never in opposition to their advice.

I am hoping to become pregnant - is there a best time of my cycle to see you?

As many people come to me on personal recommendation for this particular specialisation, this a frequently asked question.

I find it best for you to come at the end of your period, but as early in the cycle as possible. Because I utilise many deep and penetrating reflex points that are forbidden to be used during actual pregnancy, I ask you to not book an initial exploratory appointment if you believe you may be already be pregnant.

I am pregnant - what next?

Reflexology can bring benefit to the whole pregnancy. Many people prefer not to experience reflexology in the first twelve weeks as a precautionary measure. It is my belief that reflexology will not harm a viable pregnancy - ever - but, if there is any problem occurring and any self doubt creeps into your decision for reflexology, then it would be better to wait until your second trimester.

Reflexology is marvellous for pregnancy in so many ways - for you and your baby. Many report an easier birth after regular sessions through their pregnancy. If I spoke of the many claims made for reflexology I could fill a book ... I suggest you come for one session and find out if it is right for you.

My baby is overdue - can you help?

There are specific reflex points that can be worked to stimulate the uterine contractions. I personally prefer to only work these areas when it is suggested that the birth will be induced. You must always work according to the directions of your midwife or medical consultant.

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