Reflexology in Bromley


My interest in hypnotherapy was initiated by interest in the mind/body connection. I focus upon empowerment of an individual and the self-healing potential of each unique individual.

I offer Hypnotherapy for sub-fertility problems and for the birth of your baby.

We will talk through, and work together, to provide the best possible environment for your therapeutic session.

Will I be in a trance?

You will be introduced to an altered state of consciousness, but will be aware of all that is happening and remember all that has occurred.

Will I be able to drive?

Following the session you will feel deeply relaxed, but in control and able to drive and continue your day as planned.

Hypnobirthing - shall I bring my partner?

For your first session it is best to be alone, we can discuss personal details and explore if you have any subconscious issues surrounding the birth experience. Subsequent treatment session may well include your partner - and techniques for relaxation during the birth will be conveyed for use and application at the time.

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